martes, 9 de agosto de 2016

If I Stay

Autor: Gayle Forman
Género: Narrativa, novela, drama, romance, juvenil
Mi puntuación: 🌟🌟🌟🌟 (4 de 5)

This book shows the side of life that we are all afraid of: loss, death, decisions. It starts from a quite plausible situation, a car accident, a moment that nobody is expecting and in a second cuts your breath, changes your future and crashes you like a wave. You don´t see it coming. 
When Mia observes the mutilated bodies of her family on the ground, and then her own, you just get inside her mind, her heart, and it fucks with your emotions.

I liked the book, it kept me hooked at night. The writing gives Mia an unique voice to tell her story, full of nostalgia, but we can still enjoy the flashbacks, the beautiful moments she and her family had. 
We also feel connected to her relatives, waiting for the final choice. 

Adam is sweet and manages to handle the painful situation in a way that seemed correct. That's love, and fear is just around the corner but he won't let it get him because he has to be there for Mia, accompanying her. 

The thing with this books is that it could actually happen to you. Even the girl seeing her comatose body as a spirit seems real, like you don't realize it's fiction. I think it's meant to scare you a little bit, to be suddenly aware that we and the people we love might die, be gone, any minute. And we can't turn back the clock. So I thought this as a moral, never take anyone for granted and enjoy life. Love freely, like Mia loves her family, her best friend, her boyfriend and, of course, her music. There are lots of faces of love presented here. 

And finally, I was hit by a question: if I were in a coma, with things around me changed forever, would I stay or not? 

I believe I would. Read the book to find out if Mia will. 

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